Our Legal Services

We provide a comprehensive range of legal services aimed at offering the necessary legal support to companies and individuals to ensure the legal and effective execution of their business activities.



Documenting agencies, property disposals, company establishment, real estate mortgages, contract authentication, issuing or termination of agencies for individuals and companies, documenting company establishment contracts, in addition to documenting property disposals, real estate mortgages, and debt acknowledgments. Al-Azam & Shanaf Law Firm is one of the licensed companies by the Ministry of Justice to engage in authentication services. This service is available for individuals, institutions, and companies at any time, whether during official working hours or outside them, and can be provided at the company's premises or at the client's preferred location.


We handle advocacy and representation for our clients in all legal cases and disputes, representing them before various courts, authorities, and judicial committees to provide legal protection, support, and defense of their rights in accordance with the laws and regulations while adhering to the highest standards of professional ethics

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Legal Consultation

Providing tailored legal consultations to meet the unique needs of each client, handled with the utmost care and attention, offering individuals and organizations the opportunity to receive legal guidance from experts in the field, and gain a deep understanding of the laws and regulations to resolve their legal issues.

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Drafting Contracts and Memoranda

We prepare and draft contracts, agreements, memoranda of understanding, and documents of various types with a high level of expertise and knowledge in drafting. Our team of lawyers and legal consultants brings their extensive experience to meticulously and attentively work on a wide range of legal documents, in accordance with professional standards, and in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

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Arbitration and Mediation

Providing alternative means and methods for resolving disputes with the aim of achieving a quick and efficient settlement. This involves the application of appropriate procedures and methods to facilitate the negotiation process between the parties.

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Labor disputes

Providing advice and assistance in resolving labor disputes between employers and employees. Also, preparing the organizational structure and adopting the internal work regulations in all companies and institutions according to the nature and procedures of the work..

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Personal status

Providing all services related to personal status cases and family matters, including marriage, divorce, separation, child custody, alimony, and inheritance.

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Zakat and Taxes

Resolving zakat, tax, and customs disputes, providing appropriate legal advice, and representing clients before the Zakat and Tax Authority and Customs in objections and settlements, as well as representing clients in pending tax disputes before tax committees.

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Corporate services

We provide comprehensive legal support to companies with the aim of ensuring the efficient execution of their operations and full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We offer a range of services, including company establishment and registration, commercial agency registration, and trademark registration. Additionally, we provide guidance and assistance in corporate restructuring processes, which include entity organization and merger and acquisition execution. Corporate governance services and handling company liquidation and insolvency matters are also part of our services.

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